What is Teeth Whitening?

Arch&Co uses the Beautiful Bright Smile Teeth Whitening system which works with a combination of a LED light system and specially formulated gels to lift and remove stains from the surface of the teeth. The blue LED light is used to dehydrate the teeth, which opens up microscopic tubules (tiny pores) in the enamel. The opening of the tubules allows the gel to sink into the teeth and lift any staining. Arch&Co uses a peroxide and a peroxide free treatment custom fit for you, which makes the treatment safe for nursing mothers and those under 18 years old!

Each appointment is custom tailored to you and the gentle products used keep sensitivity to a minimum or nothing at all. 

All products used during your appointment are Health Canada approved, Vegan and Made in Canada!

What is the difference between Dental Whitening, at Home Whitening and your Whitening product?

Dental Whitening uses a UV light and is performed in a dental office for around $400 and up. Because of the potency of the products used during this appointment, there can be severe sensitivity to your teeth after your appointment. Dental Whitening typically whitens 8 shades or more.

At Home Whitening can be done with strips or gel trays purchased in drug stores and typically costs $50 and up. The effectiveness of these treatments is often low-to-moderate and excess use can cause damage to your gums, sensitivity to your teeth and gum recession.

The Beautiful Bright Smile system utilizes a pen application which allows precise control and accuracy to the placement of the gel. The combination of our hybrid products, peroxide and carbamide peroxide, are less acidic and gentle to the enamel surface which prevents sensitivity.  Our whitening gel typically whitens between 2-6 shades. 

Arch & Co also offers a peroxide free whitening appointment which is perfect for clients who are nursing, under 18, those with braces and those with extremely sensitive teeth.

How long will the results last?

Teeth Whitening will typically last between 3-6 months, but is dependent on your oral habits and enamel structure. The peroxide free treatment will last between 2-6 months.

How many appointments will I need?

Usually only one appointment is needed and results will be immediate. In cases of heavy staining, an additional appointment may be needed at your own cost.

Does Teeth Whitening hurt?

Our system will not hurt or damage your teeth due to the gentle formula and LED light system.

I have had crowns/ veneers/ fillings on my front teeth, can I whiten?

Yes! Although dental work will only whiten to their original shade of when they were placed and dental work must be healed for your appointment.


How often can I have my Teeth Whitened?

You can have your teeth whitened twice initially within a month for an ultra-bright smile and then again after 3 months.

Who is NOT a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

- Anyone who has a grey or bluish tone to the enamel

- Anyone under 16 years old

- Anyone in the middle of receiving dental work (crowns, bridges etc)

- Anyone who is not yet healed from dental surgery (implants, extractions, etc)

- Anyone with dentures

- Anyone who is pregnant

- Anyone who suffers from epilepsy or who takes seizure medication

- Anyone who has JUST had a dental cleaning (please wait one week)

- Anyone with allergies to: peroxide, peppermint, baking soda or Vitamin E

- Anyone with an autoimmune disease (cancer, HIV, Hepatitis etc)

- Anyone with active cold sores

What to expect during your appointment

To start your appointment you will fill out a waiver and consent form. Any questions you have can be answered at this time. We will consult your teeth and apply a custom made treatment plan for whitening. Sessions are typically 60 minutes, but can be as long as 75 minutes or as short as 40 minutes. Every client is different and may need a different length of treatment time, depending on your enamel type.

An all-natural lip balm, loaded with vitamin E, will be provided to you to generously apply to your lips. This acts as a barrier for the gel and keeps your lips from drying out during your treatment. 

A retractor will be placed in your mouth to hold back your lips from the teeth, the retractor will stay on for the duration of your appointment. Next, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and you will be provided light protection glasses to wear. 

You will be laid back for the duration of the treatment and the LED light will be turned on. It is recommended that you bring headphones and something to listen to during your appointment. You will be able to look at your phone and swallow normally during your appointment. 

Saliva production is normal during your appointment and you will be provided a paper towel to wipe away any excess.

The gel will stay on your teeth for 20 minute sessions until the desired whitening has taken place. During this time, you will be checked on every 5-10 minutes. Once the treatment is complete, you will rinse with water to remove the gel. 

Once the treatment is completed it is important to close the tubules by placing a re-nourishing agent called Stain X on the teeth. Stain X contains fluoride that remineralizes the dehydrated teeth preventing sensitivity and locking in the results achieved during the whitening process. You will be provided a small amount of Stain X to apply to your teeth with your finger.

Each appointment will come with an aftercare card, recyclable straw and all natural lip balm!

Long term aftercare will keep your teeth looking fresh, please look at the next paragraph for some tips on keeping your teeth white.

How to keep your Teeth White Long Term..

- Use a straw when drinking staining items such as tea, coffee and red wine

- Brush regularly

- Keep smoking to a minimum

- Rinse with water after eating stain causing foods/drinks

- Come in for a whitening treatment every 4-6 months!


-For 24-48 hours, avoid eating staining foods such as red wine, coffee, tea, soda, pasta sauce, cotton candy etc

-Please use a straw if you cannot avoid drinking staining items

-Rinsing after eating and drinking is recommended for the first 24 hours after your appointment

-Do NOT brush or use mouthwash directly after your treatment, the bristles of the toothbrush can be too abrasive for the dehydrated enamel and mouthwash colouring can stain the whitening process

-If you have had a morning appointment, brush your teeth as normal at NIGHT

- If you have had a afternoon appointment, brush you teeth as normal in the MORNING 

-No smoking for 24 hours after your appointment

- If sensitivity occurs, you can take a Tylenol or Advil to add to your comfort and coat (not brush) your teeth with toothpaste

-Some calcification spots may appear after your appointment and will go back to their original state when the teeth are re-hydrated (with 24-48 hours)